Composer, lyricist and songwriter Yerkesh Shakeyev was born in Kazakhstan. Yerkesh lived in the village, where there was no music school; he had received lessons from a private teacher on the instrument of "Bayan" class (Bayan this is a three-row Russian accordion). After the teacher left the village, he alone had learned the guitar.


His first musical interests laid on the bard songs and pop hits. He wrote more than 300 lyrics and more than 250 melodies for songs, which were performed by many popular artists along Eastern Europe and CIS countries. Developing over time to the neo-classical works for the symphony orchestras.

Also he was awarded by many prestige rewards, not only in his own country, but also including Australia, Britain and CIS countries.



In 2014, Yerkesh recorded 12 compositions with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) in the famous Abbey Road and Air Studios, conducted by Gavin Sutherland (UK). The sound producer of these compositions was Alexander Van Ingen (leading specialist of the DECCA Classics Company).


On the 17th of January 2015, an official presentation of Yerkesh’s music was carried out at St. Luke’s Concert Hall. This concert was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It was conducted by the chief conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Lior Shambadal. The concert was broadcasted live on the Internet.


In March of 2016, Yerkesh recorded 12 pieces with the famous British pianist, John Lenehan. Recording of the album took place in Abbey Road Studio and was produced by Jonatan Allen (BAFTA Winner). The album is called: ‘Celestial’ and was released through CDbaby distributor along internet platforms like spotify and Apple music in 2017.


In September of 2016, Yerkesh recorded 17 compositions for the cello and piano. The famous British cellist, Alexander Bailey and the pianist, John Lenehan took part in recording these pieces. The sound producer was Chris Craker (nominee for The Grammy Awards). The album was produced by Yerkesh’s son - Safar, who tragically died on 16th of July 2016 in the age of 24. Safar was a young and ambitious filmmaker who graduated from the famous American University "Chapman".


In January of 2017, Yerkesh recorded 16 compositions with the London Metropolitan Orchestra and the ‘London Voices’ choir. The sound producer was Winner of The Grammy Awards - Steve McLaughlin (conducted by Andy Brown).


In May of 2017, at Abbey Road Studios, Yerkesh recorded 10 more pieces with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This recording was conducted by Richard Balcombe (UK). The sound producer was Chris Cracker.


On 2nd of June 2018, there was a presentation of Yerkesh’s album called: ‘Waves From Heaven’. This album was performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Cadogan Hall (London) and was conducted by David Firman (UK). This album has received a lot of praise from music critics around the world.

Many artists and symphony orchestras of the world already perform works of Yerkesh Shakeyev.

Also this music was performed by the famous British violinist, Winner of Brit Awards, Chloe Hanslip and the famous Croatian pianist Maxim Mrvica, who also included a piece of "Remember Me" in his new album "The New Silk Road".


Yerkesh has inherited the love to the music from his father who was a famous folk songwriter–akyn. Akyns are representatives of very rare art in the world, where singer- improvisers compete in impromptu eloquence accompanying themselves with popular instrument dombra for many hours. Currently, the art of "Aitys" was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO.


In search of his philosophy, Yerkesh climbed to the Mount Kilimanjaro and went on an expedition to the North Pole. He is also awarded a black belt of the fifth dan, for his contribution to the development of karate and the hymn he wrote for the Asian Karate Federation are performed at all international competitions in Asia.




At the Opera House Jamshed Bhabha Theatre (Mumbai, India), and on February 8 at the largest arts festival Mumbayskom Kala Ghoda Open Air, music Yerkesh Shakeyev was performed by Symphony Orchestra of India (SOI) and Marat Bisengaliev (solo violin). The music of Kazakh composer was heard by more than ten thousand people. Read more on the Symphony Orchestra of India official website...


In the concert hall of St. Luke's (London, UK), for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries, was held a unique online concert with musical works Yerkesh Shakeyev performed by the famous London Symphony Orchestra and virtuoso solo violinist Marat Bisengaliyev with the participation of world-renowned conductor Lior Shambadala (chief conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra)



Yerkesh once again became the winner of the famous Russian TV festival "Song of the Year" for the music and lyrics to the song

"Dusha"/"Soul" performed by the group A-Studio.

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